Do things for people, not because of who they are or what they do in return, but because of who your are.

– Mother Teresa

About Us |

Prameela is the founder of Precilla Charitable Trust in Hyderabad, a women dedicated to assist the poor and abandoned people. She is a dynamic and service oriented women. She was born in Miryalaguda, Suryapet and pursued 10th class. She got married at such an early age and was blessed with two children. Her father was a business man and her mother was a housewife.

Though her dreams were so big, she couldn’t reach them at that early age. As days passed on, after all her hard struggles in her life, she put forward her ideas on the context of helping the needy people. With her small income source she established “Precilla Charitable Trust” in 2017 for abandoned people and dedicated her services towards the welfare of those people.

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She spends very less time with family and most of the time with the old aged people to look after their needs. She provides good services such as shelter, food, clothes, and timely health care checkups for people living in her home. With immense goodwill and supporters she is running her own organization and providing all possible services for senior citizens.

At present in Precilla Charitable Trust at Hyderabad there are 20 members. All these people have children but some are living far away from them due to their jobs and career. In today’s scenario, every age old people need love and care apart from basic needs. Well! This cannot be achieved with small determinations. A strong minded and focused person like Prameela can only make a change in the lives of needy people. She even adopted few people who couldn’t do their works on their self and provided them all basic needs. She captures the intension of people living in the home and fulfills their dreams. She treats all the old aged people as her parents and makes them feel happy and peaceful. Whatever the circumstances it may be, she crosses all and steps forward for doing her best services.